Hip Hop 4 Life is an award-winning youth organization and champion of positive youth development and empowerment.

Our mission is to develop strong, dynamic youth leaders who are committed to their personal growth and academic achievement. Our tools for success provide opportunities and resources for students to broaden the life skills essential for character enrichment, personal and professional development, healthier living and postsecondary accomplishments. We are committed to engaging, educating, and empowering youth to be extraordinary.

What Makes Hip Hop 4 Life Unique?

We have the innate ability to apply a variety of programming formats that infuse the art, influence and community of Hip Hop to immediately engage, involve, and connect with the youth that we serve.

Our staff is well versed in youth culture and experienced in communicating with young people in a way that is relatable.

We execute youth focus groups to play an integral role in the development of program club curriculums, in an effort to ensure that our information and process is relevant, credible, and compelling.

We secure professionals and notable personalities from the health, corporate, entertainment, and sports industries to serve as guest presenters and mentors to expose the youth to different career opportunities and further enhance an engaging atmosphere. The result is an extended, growing community of informed youth and support networks that strengthen current disadvantaged communities and build future generations of healthier individuals.