About Hip Hop 4 Life


Hip Hop 4 Life is an award-winning community organization. Our mission is to develop strong, dynamic youth leaders who are committed to their personal growth and academic achievement. Our tools for success provide opportunities and resources for students to broaden the life skills essential for character enrichment, personal and professional development, healthier living and postsecondary accomplishments. We are committed to engaging, educating and empowering young people to be extraordinary. Since our inception, our programs served over 16,000 youth and parents.


Hip Hop 4 Life was created in response to the opportunity and achievement gaps faced by youth, especially within lower-income communities of color, and the lack of resources to address this issue. Through our programs, students will learn the non-cognitive skills that will build their capacity to combat the challenges associated with student achievement, cultivate postsecondary aspirations, and provide them with life skills that will prepare them for their transition into adulthood.


Our vision is for all young people to have equal resources, programs and opportunities to become strong leaders and significant contributors to society.

Our Core Values!

Passion. Commitment. Distinction. Respect. Integrity. Inclusion.

Hip Hop 4 Life is:

  • Passionate about youth empowerment
  • Committed to exceptional services
  • an organization of Distinction – We excel in what we do well!

At Hip Hop 4 Life We:

  • are Respectful of our fellow team members, clients, and constituents
  • demonstrate Integrity in all we do
  • believe in Inclusion – We are a dream team… Everyone Matters!