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Shades of Beauty and Man Up!

Shades of Beauty and Man Up! are two program curricula that encourage the positive maturation of young people by building character, providing personal and professional development, inspiring leadership and commitment to personal growth, preparing them for post-secondary endeavors, and promoting the importance of health and wellness. Shades of Beauty is designed for girls and Man UP! is designed for boys. Curricula workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

Character Development

  • Self-esteem/Confidence
  • Vision and Goal-Setting
  • Decision-making
  • Image and Personal Brand
  • Communication Skills

Social/Professional Development

  • Dining Etiquette
  • Social Media Conduct
  • Personal Conduct
  • Code-switching
  • Knowing Your Rights

Health and Wellness

  • Sexual Health
  • Management of Emotions
  • Friendships and Healthy Relationships
  • Grooming and Hygiene

The Rhythm

The Rhythm is our self-esteem enhancement and obesity prevention program club created to foster and promote an active lifestyle, positive nutrition habits, combat elevating obesity rates, and enrich self-esteem. The fun activities incorporated into The Rhythm include:

dance | step | youth aerobics | sports | martial arts | yoga | nutrition and making healthier foods

Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader is our professional development and post-secondary readiness program club designed to assist young people with developing leadership, professional skills, and college and career planning.