Youth Empowerment Program

Shades of Beauty in School 2 Hip Hop 4 Life Youth

Youth Empowerment programming is offered directly to youth in smaller group settings at schools and community-based sites. This program utilizes four program club curricula: Shades of Beauty, Man UP!, The Rhythm, and Follow the Leader. Each curriculum is designed to work with young people to develop the life and non-cognitive skills recognized by the Common Core State Standards as being required for academic success.

School and Community-Based Youth Development:

Schools and community sites enlist Hip Hop 4 Life to provide multi-week school day, extended school day and weekend programming for their youth.

Youth Group Mentoring:

Hip Hop 4 Life provides direct youth group mentoring to young people via our two program initiatives:

Program Components

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Projects/Presentations
  • Community Service Projects
  • Social/Educational Outings
  • College and Career Exposures
  • Special Presenters
  • Guest Speakers

Brief List of Schools/Sites Served

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • District 75 schools
  • Suspension Sites
  • Alternative/Transfer Schools
  • Temporary Housing Facilities
  • Community Organizations
  • Faith Organizations
  • Juvenile Detention Centers